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So how many of you golfers fell for an April Fool’s Day scam?  Warrior Custom Golf is all about having fun on the golf course but if your golf buddy tricked you good, it is only fair for you to get him back.  Warrior Custom Golf has a few scam ideas for golfers looking to scam a friend on the golf course the next time you play.

Warrior Custom Golf Scam Ideas

Warrior Custom Golf Scam #1: Replace your golf buddies senior flex Warrior Custom Golf clubs with a set of stiff flex Warrior Custom Golf clubs for the day.  As a result your golf buddy will feel pretty weak at his driving distance should decrease about 30 yards, sometimes more and he struggles to hit his 3 wood 150 yards due to the stiffer flex. Don’t forget to bet him a beer for the longest drive of the day as well.

Warrior Custom Golf Scam#2: Don’t underestimate the classic spring snake in the can trick.  Stick a compressed snake device into a box of your buddies favorite Warrior Custom Golf balls, and watch him jump when he pulls out a sleeve of balls for your 18 holes of golf.  Great scam idea to kick off your golf morning!

Warrior Custom Golf Scam #3: Throw your buddies golf game off by hiring a Warrior Golf girl caddy for the day and watch him squirm for a good shot and as your caddy hit it off on the golf course . Don’t underestimate the mental aspect of the golf game and with a beautiful golf girl on your arm carrying your clubs for the day, you are guaranteed to be swimming the back stroke in your golf buddies head.

Wishing you fairways and greens but most importantly fun; because without the fun, what’s the point!


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