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Now that the tax season has come and gone, it is time to decide how to spend your tax refund.  Should you spend it on a Warrior Custom Golf vacations, splurge on some new Warrior Custom Golf clubs, or invest it in one of the numerous Warrior Custom Golf courses across the country.  The options are numerous and all are very favorable; you really can’t go wrong with these options.  Now that golf season is in full momentum, Warrior Custom Golf is offering some amazing promotions this month and will go very quickly so act now. 

I found one online promotion offering a great golf gift giveaway to new customers in an attempt to reach 1,000,000th satisfied Warrior Custom Golf customers.  The offer looking to include a brand new signature series putter featuring a mill face, along with a dozen state of the art golf balls and an assortment of other golf products.  Another promotion I saw on ESPN and the Golf Channel Network was an opportunity to test play the new Warrior Custom Golf 19 degree hybrid.  All you are required to do is give an accurate evaluation of the golf clubs performance and cover the shipping and handling; and the new Warrior Custom Golf hybrid is yours free to keep, a $249 value.

With golf season here, it means more exercise so you are in shape for the summer.  It means more time away from home and stress and more time with friends on the greens.  And it means that it is time to go shopping for some new golf clubs and try out the new golf technology that has been released for the year.  If you are looking to really get an advantage over your golf buddies, you can participate in a test play program for a golf company’s Research and Development Department, that allows you to play some of next year’s golf technology before it is released to the general public.  One such golf company that has some of the best rewards for such a program is Warrior Custom GolfWarrior Custom Golf has been the leading manufacturer of custom golf clubs for over a decade and has helped over half a million golfers improve their golf game.


This is not a golf story. It’s a story of a satisfied customer. You won’t believe this. Last October, in response to a card I’d sent in, Steve of Warrior Custom Golf phoned to offer a set of golf clubs to test. After explaining the deal, they’d send me a set of woods that were comparable to the Taylormade Burners (Retail $1200) for a 45 day test. They informed me that they’d charge my credit card $532 while I tested the clubs and would refund it when I sent them back. I could keep them for the $532. The test play was for the driver, 3, 5, 7 fairway woods. He also sent the 9 wood as an additional club for free. He said I could keep the 9 2ood just for testing the fairway woods even if I didn’t keep them. I got the clubs about three weeks later and started my risk free test play. I tested the woods on several rounds of golf and several trips to the driving range. I loved these clubs much more than my old ones. In fact, each was about 25 yards longer than the corresponding Dunlap clubs I had been using. I was expecting a call from Steve who would ask me for an evaluation of the clubs. Steve never called. About a week before the 45 days were up, I called Warrior to give them an evaluation of the clubs and to find out how to get the headcovers. I talked to Valerie. On top of the headcovers, she sent me a free putter of my choice and chipper for test playing the irons. She said there were two kinds of irons to choose from. One set was $469 or for an additional $200 I could try the next higher grade irons. Today, I called WCG because they have new amazing promotions to kick of the 2010 season. I know a lot of golfers are need of a snow wedge this time, but like any seasonal sport, it you are looking for the best deal, buy it during the off-season. I’ll send the driver back. For anyone wishing to buy or test golf clubs, I recommed to go to Warrior Custom Golf.

This is now scam, for the last 15 years Warrior Custom Golf has offered a test play promotion that allows the recreational golfer an opportunity to preview and play the latest golf technology before it is released to the general public.  There is a great third party review of the Test Play program at Warrior Custom Golf Information